Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Cabaret

Can you remember the room. I can’t remember whether it was live music or record. I think there must have been live music because there was a piano there. They had someone try and play the piano for our bit. For the cabaret bit. That would be down there. The tables would have been all cleared away to the sides. We would have been round there. The music bit would have been here. The street there. I know the collapse happened half way through our bit. Mum joined us at our table talking about the bits we haven’t done. At some point music struck up. We were all urged to get up and dance to break the air a bit. Then it was decided to end the event early because obviously it was a serious heavy mood. That’s when we sorted ourselves out into taxis and instead of going home with Delia and Uncle David. Mum allied herself to my party. Went to St Giles to take a girl home called Lorraine. Then to North Hykeham to take Alywn home then finished up at Thorney.

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