Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Line

Do you remember the line you had? “Ulrich, block the driveway !”. I am supposed to be a Nazi on guard on one end of the stage. When the Von Trapps don’t appear I’m supposed to be calling out to the guards. Do you remember how you did that? Could you try and walk it through. I was just standing. In fact we had to be careful because a backcloth came down and we had to be careful we were standing on the right side of it. This all dates long before the Christening but it’s all germane to what you’re doing. You know how they award the prizes. First prize. Second prize. I think Mum came on as one of the members of the choir that won a prize. Came out of her nun’s habit for that. She was a novice mum. Mum had a dancing part in the party she was dancing with a teacher chap. Can we just try you’re a standing guard. There are two Nazi guards on stage. We’re beside a backdrop that comes down. We’re supposed to make sure the Von Trapps don’t escape. We realise that they’re not coming on and I shout Ulrich – block the driveway. Then it cuts to the graveyard where they are hiding behind gravestones or whatever where they escaped to.

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