Sunday, 30 December 2007

The introduction

We are at a post-show party. Tony and Michael are dressed in 70s clothes. They serve Shloer. There is a buffet table with 70s snacks. A hedgehog with cheese and pineapple on sticks and mini-sausages etc. A record plays on a record player - The Sound of Music. There are sixteen stools onstage / offstage. When everyone has a drink Michael stops the record abruptly. Tony steps forward to address audience.

Tony: Is there a Doctor in the House?

Michael: Ladies and Gentlemen please return to your seats and keep calm

Tony: The party’s over

Michael: The show has begun

Tony: Scene One

Michael: The Prelude

Tony: My name is Tony

Michael: My name is Michael

Tony: I am his father

Michael: I am his son

Tony: I will be playing my son

Michael: I will be playing my father

Both: We are father and son

Tony: This is the show

Michael: The the Post-Show Party

Tony: The Post-Show Party Show

Michael: Show them where we are

Tony: We are at a show

Michael: We are at a party

Tony: A post-show party

Michael: The show is over

Tony: The party has begun

Michael: We hope you enjoy the show

Tony: The party

Michael: The post-show party

Both: The post-show party show

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