Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Songs

Were you singing the songs that you’d written in the wings? We’d had a few evenings to prepare. We used to rehearse in a clubhouse behind a pub in Clasketgate, Lincoln. The Crown I think it was. We were in the pub putting these things together at the same time as rehearsals to fine-tune it. I don’t think the ladies were aware of what was going on. We tried to keep it a bit of a surprise. Arthur Hunter had a small speaking part. Austrian Baron is at the party. He played the guitar at the cabaret. I still have the piece of cardboard with his guitar chords written on.

Side One

1 Prelude And The Sound Of Music 2:48
2 Overture And Preludium (Dixit Dominus) 3:16
3 Morning Hymn And Alleluia 2:04
4 Maria 3:19
5 I Have Confidence in Me 3:29
6 Sixteen Going On Seventeen 3:20
7 My Favorite Things 2:21
8 Climb Ev'ry Mountain 2:18

Side Two

9 The Lonely Goatherd 3:13
10 The Sound Of Music 2:13
11 Do-Re-Mi 5:36
12 Something Good 3:19
13 Processional And Maria 2:30
14 Edelweiss 1:53
15 So Long, Farewell 2:57
16 Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise) 1:21

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