Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Sound of Music

The girl who played Liesl - her mother happened to be Joan Turner and she offered her services to do a half hour midnight half an evening of a midnight show. Someone had the bright idea for the other half can’t we do a potted version of the Sound of Music. Which is fine. Bear in mind that this is the Wednesday after the fortnight. By which time some of the cast were unavailable. Including the chap who played Rolf. So I was dragooned into playing Rolf for the scene where he delivers the telegram. Part of the problem was having young people performing at that time of night. I think there was a problem.

This quote from an interview with my Dad made me wonder how we might be able to do a 'potted version of The Sound of Music' a whistle-stop tour of the musical using the songs to structure our story and revisit The Post-Show Party in 1970 at which Arthur Hunter died and my parents met. I will be playing him remembering and he will be playing me helping him to remember. Father and son. Onstage and offstage. Show and post-show. The making of me and The Sound of Music.

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