Sunday, 30 December 2007

Waiting in the wings

We were just standing around and the children do their bit and all I remember is the children are dancing around and all the men have to sing ‘Good night’ it was a bit of a raw deal really. It was a good show to do, but I think the men felt a bit out of it. I think a few years later not when I was in it. They did “Paint your Wagon” which redressed the balance a bit. Were you waiting in the wings? In the wings and in the green room which was off to the side. There wasn’t much room in the wings. You couldn’t really congregate there until you were about to go on. How deep was the stage? Changing rooms were up some stairs up there so it wasn’t like Co-op Arts where you change under the stage. My memories a complete blur. Do you want to have another coffee?

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